Festival Hours - Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m


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Entertainment Descriptions:

Performing on August 16 at 1:15pm, Asian Performing Arts will provide a culturally rich performance which includes Chinese ethnic dances, classical instrumental orchestra, yo-yo, and martial arts. If time permits, will include an audience participation program which is a very popular feature to give audience an opportunity to learn and experience a Chinese ethnic dance. 

Performing on August 17 at 2:00pm, UConn Taiko is a modern-Japanese style drumming group from the University of Connecticut. They perform in an ensemble style called kumi-daiko which fuses traditional Japanese drumming with modern influences. You can expect to hear and see pieces that are played at festivals, memorial pieces, as well as high energy pieces that are used to lighten the mood and have fun. Uconn Taiko aims to learn and spread Japanese culture through practice of proper form, technique, and pieces and through our performances.

Performing on August 17 at 11:00am, Phoenix Performing Arts is a non-profit organization founded by a group of dance enthusiasts in western CT in early 2008.   We are Doctors, Executives, Teachers, Wives and Mothers.  We will be performing three dances at this year’s riverfront dragon boat festival, which marks the 7th time for us to perform at this iconic community event in our area.

Our 1st dance is based on an old story in the classic Chinese “Book of Poetry”. It talks about lush peach trees and peach flowers fully blossom. This dance demonstrates in old days how girls felt when they were getting married. It also displays a moving picture of their future life. Throughout the dance, you will find charming smiles, gentle and pleasant steps, and anxious feelings of future. This dance intends to bring back the endless reveries of past years…

The 2nd dance is called "Beautiful Scenery". This is another classic Chinese dance. The dancers combine body posture and fan movement, creating dynamic scenery with quiet and fast artistic movement. The elegant Chinese dance style is vividly presented throughout the entire program.

The 3rd dance is a Xinjiang dance. Xinjiang is a province in Western China, which along with parts of Central Asia, was an important part of the Silk Road. Its cultural identity can still be seen at Xinjiang ruins and in Chinese Dunhuang murals. This dance is very cheerful with neck shaking and finger snapping, typical of Xinjiang dance. 


  • Pho Vietnam
  • Siam Glastonbury
  • Thai Awesome
  • Bollywood
  • Bangkok Gardens
  • Jay R Thai Cuisine
  • Hammerhead's
  • Rita's Italian Ice
  • Toasted Food Truck
  • Request A Chef


ASAHI - Japan, BEERLAO - Laos, KIRIN - Japan, SAPPORO - Japan, SINGHA - Thailand, TSINGTAO - China