Take the Riverfront Recapture 40-Mile Challenge!

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, the importance of accessibility to public spaces for physical and mental health, we are launching a 40-day Riverfront Recapture Fitness Challenge. We want you to log 40 miles in our parks however you choose: walking, running, snow-shoeing, hiking, rowing, kayaking, or biking. Or, participate by taking a walk every day for 40 days — it all adds up to a healthier, happier region. We want you to stay active, practice social distancing, and feel good. 

Why participate?
Because it’s good for you, and encourages awareness of all four of our parks, and helps us celebrate this milestone. 

How can you join this challenge?
New to our parks? If you’re new to our parks, we’ll help. Each week we’ll share a featured route to try, including shorter routes, and starting in each of our four parks, with varying lengths. Bring a friend, and try something new. Then, visit this page and take two minutes to log your progress. 

Regular park user? If you’re a daily park user, this is an easy one. Do your usual thing, and then, visit this page and take two minutes to log your progress. If you always take the same route, maybe try a new one. And encourage your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to participate. 

All participants: If you’re comfortable, post a photo or video, tag us @riverfrontrecapture, and use #riverfrontchallenge or #riverfrontrecapture40

What’s in it for you?
Well, aside from feeling good and spending more time in our beautiful parks, you’ll get a Riverfront 40 t-shirt or water bottle. Every time you log an entry, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a restaurant gift card or a free learn to row class. 

Log your miles below:

Where will you walk, run, or bike next?

Stay connected.

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