Riverfront Recapture Named Bank of America Neighborhood Builder®

On Thursday, October 25, Bank of America recognized Riverfront Recapture as its 2018 Neighborhood Builder® grant recipient. Riverfront Recapture was selected for its work in connecting community members and visitors to the Connecticut River, and helping to build a more sustainable Hartford economy.


The Neighborhood Builder award is a two-year, $200,000 grant, and provides leadership training for the executive director and an emerging leader at the organization, as well as an opportunity to access capital, and a network of nonprofit peers across the country. 


Since the program’s inception in 2004, Bank of America has partnered with 23 nonprofits in Hartford, investing a total of $4.6 million in the community to help address issues fundamental to improving economic mobility for individuals and families in the region. Previous winners have implemented successful programs that focus on workforce development, community development and basic needs.


“Neighborhood Builders® demonstrates how strong cross-sector partnerships and local community leaders can play a meaningful role in positioning our community for success,” said Joe Gianni, Hartford market president, Bank of America. “Throughout its 15 years, the program has given amazing nonprofit organizations the power to dream big, tackle new challenges, and make connections that lead to new opportunities.”


Riverfront Recapture is dedicated to improving central Connecticut’s quality of life and urban vitality through cultural events, public art, waterfront entertainment, and recreation programs. Its parks are open year round and have connected over 12 million people to the Connecticut River, serving as a catalyst for Hartford’s economic growth.  Bank of America’s $200,000 grant will support the expansion of the organization’s parks to the north and south, as well as an innovation fund to add revenue-generating programs to the parks.


“Riverfront Recapture shares Bank of America’s commitment to building a thriving Hartford community,” said Michael Zaleski, President & CEO, Riverfront Recapture. “Expanding and activating our parks will increase healthy recreation options, access to public green spaces, and the environmental and economic impact of our parks and trails, creating a stronger, more sustainable Hartford economy.”


Since 2004, Bank of America has invested more than $220 million in 49 communities through Neighborhood Builders® nationwide, partnering with more than 1,000 nonprofits and helping more than 2,000 nonprofit leaders strengthen their leadership skills. The Neighborhood Builders® program is just one example of how Bank of America deploys capital in communities and builds cross-sector partnerships, advancing economic and social progress as part of its approach to responsible growth. 

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