Riverfront Adventure

Riverfront Adventure is a hands-on training program used to teach leadership, communications, problem-solving, goal setting, change management and conflict resolution skills through activities that foster teamwork, build confidence and improve self-esteem.

What can your group achieve by participating in an adventure program?
• Improved teamwork
• Strengthened relationships & communication skills
• Healthier conflict resolution
• Better ability to handle change
• Increased motivation to achieve goals
• Enhanced problem-solving skills
• Stronger self-confidence and self-esteem

Riverfront Adventure is open to any group: adults, youth groups, corporations, non-profits, schools, civic organizations, church groups, government, law enforcement, firefighters, and families.

To learn more, check course availability and receive a quote, contact our Adventure Program Director via email or at 860.713.3131 ext. 312.

Adventure Program Elements

Icebreakers & Cooperative Games
Simple, fun activities set the tone for the day by stimulating participant’s senses and establishing a positive learning environment.

Group Initiatives
A problem, or series of problems, will be presented to your group, which require a consensus to be solved. Facilitators stimulate creative problem-solving through props, rules, and parameters that require prompt decision-making.

Low Challenge Course Elements
There is only one way to succeed on the low challenge course, and it’s teamwork. Your group will collaborate and cooperate their way through wood, rope and wire.

High Challenge Course Elements
The vertical realm of our high ropes course challenges preconceived notions of limitations, builds trust, and inspires commitment to completion.

Dragon Boating
The concept is simple; the outcome is dynamic. Individual paddlers become a perfectly synchronized team as they navigate the course.

Riverfront Adventure subscribes to the principal of Challenge by Choice, meaning participants choose their own individual challenge level, and support others in theirs. All participants are respected, valued, and therefore, successful.

In addition to these experiential team-building activities, we offer professional development programs using well-known tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment® and True Colors®. Both assessment tools, along with other professional development programs, are available in a variety of formats, from half-day workshops to multi-day retreats.

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