Hartford to Windsor Riverwalk

Riverfront Recapture recognizes the need to expand the existing Hartford Riverwalk system to sustain the social and economic impact of the Riverfront Parks on the region and promote alternative means of transportation.  The proposed Hartford to Windsor Riverwalk will link our existing riverwalk system, starting at the boathouse in Riverside Park heading north to the recently completed Windsor Riverwalk and passing through private land currently owned by the Russo family.  Along the route, connections can be easily made to the adjacent former Hartford landfill (now capped – possible redevelopment into a recreational area with potential for commercial development) and Keney Park, approximately ½ mile from the proposed riverwalk. 

Riverfront Recapture’s proposed Hartford to Windsor Riverwalk project includes:

  • Extend the existing northern terminus of the Riverwalk 1,800 linear feet from the Greater Hartford Jaycees Community Boathouse in Riverside Park to the existing dike maintenance road (silt covered ballast rock).
  • Grade and pave 9,100 linear feet of existing dike maintenance road so that it can be dual purpose – walkway and maintenance road.
  • Construct 1,750 linear feet of new walkway, including a bridge over Meadow Brook, across the privately owned Russo family property.
  • Construct 650 linear feet of new walkway, including a bridge over Decker’s Brook, across the state-owned Windsor Meadows (currently leased for farming) and connect to Windsor’s Riverwalk.
  • The total length of the proposed riverwalk is approximately 2.5 miles.
  • The estimated cost to design, permit and construct is $3.2 million in today’s dollar.
  • The City of Hartford and Riverfront Recapture have secured a $2.6 million Federal Highway Administration, Transportation Alternative Program (FHWA TAP) grant via the Capitol Region Council of Governments. 
  • When combined with the $632,000 local match requirement to be provided by the City, most of the project costs are covered less construction administration, inflation, and contingency.
  • Connection to Keney Park via a new 1,400’ sidewalk along Meadow St. being constructed by Amtrak as part of the New Haven to Springfield high speed rail project at no cost to either the City or Town of Windsor.

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