Our Team

Our organization is led by a small but dedicated group of professionals who bring expertise to fulfilling our mission, and overseen by our Board of Directors.

We are here to help you connect with the Connecticut River. Please feel free to contact any of us by email, or by calling (860) 713-3131, followed by the extension of the staff member you’d like to speak with, listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Zaleski
President & CEO, Ext. 331

Rob Allan
Director of Public Safety, Ext. 325

Deborah Baker
Director of Development, Ext. 326

Evan Buhler
Assistant Director of Rowing Programs

Rodney Bynoe
Assistant Director of Ranger Services, Ext. 315

Tara Cantor
Director of Communications & Marketing, Ext. 313

Bridget Cooke
Director of Events, Ext. 329

Martha Conneely
Park Development Manager, Ext. 316

Venus Dickson
Finance Manager, Ext. 335

Margie Girardi-Telech
Volunteer & Programs Coordinator, Ext. 305

Malik Harris
Development Associate, Ext. 331

Christopher R. Hayes
Director of Operations, Ext. 324

Dock Hayes
Operations Dog, Ext. 324

Peter Morse
Director of Finance, Ext. 330

Jonathan Near
Director of Rowing Programs, Ext. 314

Marc A. Nicol
Director of Park Planning & Development, Ext. 334

Board of Directors

Harold M. Blinderman, Chair
Joe L. Stanford III, Vice Chair
Josye Utick, Vice Chair
David Klein, Treasurer
Gretchen Gregg, Secretary

Greg Adams
Robert M. Annon, Jr.

Christopher Byrd
Paul Carrier
Kathleen Cassidy*
Lindsay Castonguay Hany*
Ranjana Chawla
Peter Christian

Chinenye Claytor
Susan B. Clemow
Thomas P. Cody
Julio Concepción
Eric Cushman*
John Henry Decker
Susan Freedman*
Liahna Gonda-King
Levaniel Griffin, Jr.
Matthew Hart
Dave Jenkins
Scott W. Jellison*#
Stephanie Johnson
Kathy Lilley
Jarad M. Lucan

Chris Montross
Thomas F. Mullaney, Jr.
Patty Pittman

Michael J. Puckly*
Christina B. Ripple*
Chris Rowlins
Bud Salemi*#
Ashley R. Sauvé
Camille Simpson
Joyce Smith
Donald Trinks*#
Herb Virgo
Sebrina Wilson*#

*Executive Committee

Honorary Board Members

Paul Eddy
Carole P. French
James F. Gleason

John B. Larson
Barry N. Lastra
Marjorie Morrissey
Carleton N. Mowell

Lawrence V. Mowell, Jr.
Kenneth A. Pouch, Jr.
David R. Robb
Tyler Smith

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