Joe Marfuggi

The Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk is named in honor of Riverfront Recapture’s long time CEO, Joe Marfuggi. Post-retirement, and until his passing in October of 2018, he remained an involved and dedicated member of the organization as a committee member, volunteer, donor, and ambassador. 

With both vision and the ability to bring people of all cultures, interests and ages together at the waters edge, his humility and persistence will be honored and his story is one that needs to be documented. The Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk is to be a celebration of Riverfront Recapture’s successes. While Joe didn’t like the spotlight, his widow Sherry Brown-Marfuggi encouraged this public recognition in a way that Joe will feel tells the story not solely of his efforts, but those of all who’ve connected with the river. Sherry spearheaded fundraising toward these amenities until her recent passing.

Historic Riverside Park

In 1895 the City of Hartford purchased and leased a total of 75 acres for the establishment of Riverside Park. In 1898, the park was designed by the landscape firm of Frederick Law Olmsted, Hartford native and renowned park designer.  The park opened in 1899, as a recreational space for nearby residents. One of the parks most popular amenities was the wading pool.

The entrance to the Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk will be located next to the Riverfront Boathouse, extending 2.5 miles, creating connections to downtown Hartford and East Hartford, and to Windsor, South Windsor, and Keney Park through our future park. 

The organization and its parks would not be what they are today without Joe’s hard work, vision, and dedication. The Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk embodies his insight, vision, and passion for the region. The riverwalk and its two distinct paths will connect people and the region to the Connecticut River and Riverfront Recapture's new park.

100 Acres of New Green Space Two New Paths Connections to Keney Park & the Hartline

The Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk will be the first significant expansion in the history of Riverside Park, activating 100 acres of new parkland and creating two distinct paths. Along the path 25 posts featuring wayfinding elements, audio, video, and augmented reality that, in the spirit of Joe Marfuggi, will tell stories of the river and the people who lived along it.

Along the Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk

Beginning at the Boathouse, six open-air galleries marked by flood pylons will present a natural history of the river valley. Each gallery will be devoted to a different historic era.

At night each pylon’s beacon will mark the river’s edge against the dark sky.

The galleries, spaced about six minutes apart, will be curated by UConn.

From each gallery, a lateral path leads to the river’s edge. Additional wayfinding signage, audio, and video elements will provide useful information, and take the user experience further.

Granite benches, one for each decade since Riverfront Recapture was founded, will highlight key moments in our history.

Project Support

This project is a joint venture between Riverfront Recapture and the City of Hartford, with funding from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT), Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA), the City of Hartford and individual donors.

Our thanks to the following supporters of  the Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk:

Sherry Brown-Marfuggi
Blanche & Steven Goldenberg
Chrissie & Ezra Ripple
Debbie Baker
Gail & Chris Johnson
The Gawlicki Family Foundation
The Hoffman Family
Jim & Barbara Carter
Jim & Beverly
The Larsen Fund

Louise (Marfuggi) Coates & Norman J. Coates
Mary & Ed Budd
Matt Fleury & Irene O’Connor
Roz & Alan Spier
Sara J. Frey & Alan Blasenstein
The Savin Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Susan & Brian Clemow
Susan & Joel Freedman
Terry & Cate D’Italia
Thomas Ritter & Christine Keller
Tom Mullaney

Interested in supporting this project?
Contact Debbie Baker at (860) 713-3131 ext. 326.