Project Timeline

This project requires careful planning, design, and implementation to ensure that the park is safe, accessible, and sustainable and that it meets the needs of the surrounding community. The process began with the acquisition of the property in September 2019.

To date, we have completed the following steps:

  • Site remediation planning
  • Community and Stakeholders Site Walks
  • Fundraising
  • Historical study, environmental assessment, hazardous abatement, and demolition of three unsafe structures
  • Completion of archeological site, wetland, and Natural Diversity Database studies and a commercial market analysis
  • Initial site design
  • Submitted regulatory permits
  • Publish RFQ/RFP for urban waterfront park planner
Next Steps:
  • Continue community and stakeholder tours and events
  • Continue fundraising
  • Initiate the park design process
  • Receipt of regulatory permits
  • Site remediation, including the excavation of Garmany Cove and creation of a commercial development siteĀ 
  • Construction of riverwalk connecting Hartford to Windsor
  • Host community planning sessions
  • Receive zoning change for commercial developmentĀ 
  • Identify a commercial developer partner
  • Park construction