Indoor Rowing

Our indoor training programs offer adults of all skill levels workouts to boost their fitness, fine-tune their technique, and enjoy the motivation of the group workout environment. Whether you’re gearing up for racing on the water or simply striving to stay in condition during the winter months, our programs provide an excellent avenue to achieve your fitness goals. Group fitness workouts are open to both experienced rowers as well as those new to indoor rowing. The coaches explain terminology specific to the sport, the proper equipment set up, and tailor the workouts so each participant can improve and gain confidence. Racing team practices require prior experience.

Unsure which class is the best option to meet your goals? Reach out to Jonathan with questions before registering. Note: some of the classes offer the option of participating virtually via Zoom. However, there is no cost difference for this option. Let us know if this is something you intend to utilize. While our training predominantly centers around the ergometer (Concept 2 rowing machine), our sessions also include components like stretching, core routines, and customized strength training to cater to the unique requirements of each group.

Current Programs:

More interested in private coaching? Talk to Jonathan about arranging a session at the boathouse with one of our certified trainers.

Financial assistance may be available to adult rowers. To inquire, contact Jonathan Near by email. 

All programs are held at the Riverfront Boathouse in Riverside Park. 

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