Please do not hesitate to contact us with any race-related questions via email

All media inquiries should be directed to Tara Cantor via email or at (860) 986-8553.


Tents & Grills
Notice: The City of Hartford is stringently enforcing regulations regarding the set up of tents, cooking grills, and the permitting and inspection process for such structures. As a result, to comply with the direction from the Fire Prevention Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Hartford, only tents that are rented from and provided by the Riverfront Recapture and have been assured to meet the regulations may be used. Teams must register and submit payment for tents through the regatta tent registration process: no team-provided tents will be allowed to set up. Teams may bring their grills, warming tables, etc, but these must only be operated in the designated space adjacent to, but not underneath, their tents assigned to each organization. Riverfront Recapture will obtain the necessary permits for these uses. Assignment of spaces will be made on a first- come, first serve basis.

Food Delivery Services:
We continue to see teams ordering more frequently from food delivery services. If you plan to do this, please be aware that due to congestion and boat traffic in our venue, the delivery services will be unable to progress any farther than the gravel parking lot mid-way into Riverside Park (where the utility trailers store). If you contract food delivery your team will need to arrange to convey the delivery the remaining distance to your trailer or tent. Please make this clear as you make arrangements. Some crews found it easier to meet the delivery on the other side of the land bridge by the spectator parking.

Finish Line Viewing Area:
The finish line viewing area is approximately a 15 minute walk from Riverside Park, easily accessible by way of the Riverwalk paved pathways leading to the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza. Spectators wishing to park nearer to the finish line, rather than near the launch and return area, should review the directions. No hospitality/team tents may be set up at the finish line plaza—this area is only for viewing the racing.

Directions for Spectators/Team Buses

Plan on a 10 minute walk from this parking area to the boathouse. There are steps/ramp connecting the parking area to the park. If you are bringing in food/hospitality items for a team tent, follow the directions for the boat trailers, but be aware that there is a drop off/unload area and that your vehicle will not be able to park in Riverside Park.

PARKING LOT WITH PEDESTRIAN ACCESS TO RIVERSIDE PARK (THE LAUNCH AND RETURN AREA, AND LOCATION FOR TEAM TENTS AND THE AWARDS) This location will place you at the launch site, where the boat trailers will be & the Riverfront boathouse: the finish line is an easy walk from this area, and will take less than 15 minutes. For GPS – input 410 Market Street, Hartford, CT (this will bring you to the CITGO station at the parking lot entrance). NOTE: There is a fee for parking in this lot.

NOTE: the finish line viewing area is approximately a 15 minute walk from Riverside park, easily accessible by way of the Riverwalk paved pathways leading to the Mortensen Riverfront Plaza. 

For those spectators who would rather park near the finish line viewing area, we encourage you to use the Science Center Parking Garage in Downtown Hartford. These directions are for spectators who wish to park as close to the race course viewing area as possible while minimizing the walking distance from parking lot to viewing. For GPS input, this is the Connecticut Science Center Parking Garage at 250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103