Volunteer Registration

The Head of the Riverfront owes its success to over 200 passionate volunteers who generously donate their time and expertise. Their hard work and dedication make this event possible and enrich the experiences of participants and spectators alike. We are profoundly grateful for each volunteer’s selfless enthusiasm. We deeply appreciate the invaluable role our volunteers play in making this event possible. Your selfless dedication enriches the experiences of participants and spectators alike.

Volunteers are needed on September 29 and 30 for event setup, and on the event date, Sunday, October 1. 

Thank you for being the driving force behind this incredible event! 

Setup: Setup volunteers are responsible for preparing the event site, including tents, signage, seating areas, and other equipment required for the regatta.

Breakdown: Breakdown volunteers assist in dismantling and packing up event-related infrastructure and equipment after the regatta concludes.

Bike Messenger: Bike messengers facilitate quick communication and material delivery across different parts of the event site.

Bow Number Collector:
The bow number collector gathers and organizes the bow numbers of participating rowers before and after their races.

Dock Assistants: Dock assistants work closely with incoming and outgoing dock workers to ensure the safe entry and exit of rowers and boats, maintain traffic flow on the docks, and assist with crew check-in, launch, and landing.

Dock Workers – Incoming: Incoming dock workers assist rowers as they return from their races, helping them safely dock their boats, exit the water, and prepare for post-race activities. Please note that this position is on the temporary docks, which are less stable

Dock Workers – Outgoing: Outgoing dock workers aid rowers as they prepare to launch their boats for upcoming races, ensuring they have all necessary equipment and that the boats are in proper condition.

Inside Park Traffic: Inside park traffic volunteers manage traffic within the venue, directing vehicles to designated areas, monitoring traffic flow for safety, and guiding participants and spectators to their respective locations, including handicap lots, food drop-off, sculler parking and volunteer parking.

Park Entrance Monitors: These volunteers work at the main entrance to Riverside Park, directing traffic, including incoming trailers, scullers, food drop-off, and redirecting all others to appropriate parking locations.

Tent Site Assistance/Vendor Liaison: Tent Site Assistance/Vendor Liaison ensures a smooth vendor and participant experience. They will direct teams registered for tent space directions to their site and assist vendors with load-in and directions

Please use the form below to register for one or more volunteer shifts for this year’s Head of the Riverfront. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Margie Girardi-Telech via email.