Riverfront Recapture is transforming 60+ acres of inaccessible riverfront land into a community park, Garmany Cove, regional trail system, and complementary commercial development. The creation of this healthy community asset will benefit the environment, link the region, boost economic development, and connect even more people with the Connecticut River.

Project Components

Park Development Area – Utilizing a park planning process that incorporates meaningful community engagement, Riverfront Recapture envisions building a park that will support recreation, youth programs, large-scale community events & festivals, trails, public art, and community gathering spaces.

Shared Use Path – The multimodal trail will connect Hartford’s Joe Marfuggi Riverwalk and the Windsor Riverwalk, closing the final gap in a seven-plus mile Riverwalk system linking the region from South Windsor to the south end of Hartford and East Hartford.

Garmany Cove – Future home to Riverfront Recapture’s Paddle sport and outdoors center. Clean fill excavated from the cove will be used to remediate the property and raise the commercial development area out of the floodplain.  

Commercial Development Site –  Approximately 10 acres of the project site have been identified for complementary commercial development to support future park operations, act as a catalyst for economic development and increase property values in adjacent areas. As part of the remediation process, the 10 acres of uplands will be raised out of the floodplain utilizing soil excavated from Garmany Cove. The site is well suited for mixed-use development, including multifamily housing, retail, and dining.

Windsor Meadows State Park – Riverfront Recapture will open and maintain 16 acres of previously inaccessible public land through a management agreement with the State of Connecticut. Plans for this park area include picnic groves, meadow plantings, and secondary trails.

Wetlands – Designed and built near Meadow Brook to reduce runoff and improve water quality & wildlife habitat in the park. Educational signage will highlight the impact of wetlands, and the wetland can serve as an educational resource for the school children and the wider community. 

Project Progress

This project requires careful planning, design, and implementation to ensure that the park is safe, accessible, and sustainable and that it meets the needs of the surrounding community. The process began with the acquisition of the property in September 2019.

To date, we have completed the following steps:

  • Site remediation planning
  • Community and Stakeholders Site Walks
  • Fundraising
  • Historical study, environmental assessment, hazardous abatement, and demolition of three unsafe structures
  • Completion of archeological site, wetland, and Natural Diversity Database studies and a commercial market analysis
  • Initial site design
  • Submitted regulatory permits

Next Steps

  • Continue community and stakeholder tours and events
  • Publish RFQ/RFP for urban waterfront park planner
  • Continue fundraising
  • Initiate the park design process
  • Receipt of regulatory permits
  • Site remediation, including the excavation of Garmany Cove and creation of a commercial development site 
  • Construction of riverwalk connecting Hartford to Windsor
  • Host community planning sessions
  • Receive zoning change for commercial development 
  • Identify a commercial developer partner
  • Park construction

Be a Part of the Process​

Interested in learning more about this project?
Contact Martha Conneely at (860) 713-3131 ext 316

Project Partners & Investors

This park will be constructed in cooperation with the:

  • State of Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont
  • Capital Region Development Authority
  • Department of Economic and Community Development – Alexandra Daum, Commissioner
  • Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – Katie Dykes, Commissioner
  • Department of Transportation – Garrett Eucalitto, Commissioner
  • City of Hartford – Luke Bronin, Mayor
  • Town of Windsor – Donald Trinks, Mayor


  • Connecticut Department Of Economic And Community Development (DECD)
  • Connecticut’s Bond Commission via The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • The Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Robinson + Cole
  • Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)
  • The William and Alice Mortensen Foundation
  • The Mowell Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Updike, Kelly & Spellacy

Project Photos

Park Development Area
Commercial Development Area
Park Tours & Site Walks
Windsor Meadows State Park
Garmany Cove
Press Conference, April 2021